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5 Reasons to Consider Geriatric Care

5 Reasons to Consider Geriatric Care

As an adult over the age of 65, your needs are likely to be different than when you were a younger adult. You’re more likely to have more than one chronic condition, might have more mobility issues, and could have a complex medical care routine that requires many medications.

Because your needs are likely to change as you get older, Thomas Nguyen, MD, a geriatrics specialist at Nguyen Medical Group in Boynton Beach, Florida, recommends geriatric care to many adults older than 65. Here are five reasons you should consider geriatric care.

1. Get care catered to seniors

Most seniors over 65 have different medical needs from when they were younger. As an adult over 65, you’re more likely to develop certain medical conditions and need more active, ongoing care.

A geriatrics specialist, like our team members, is specially trained to address the unique concerns you have during this period of life. We work with the issues that concern seniors with skill and compassion.

Our team also offers 24/7 availability for geriatrics care, allowing you to get personalized assistance whenever you need it.

2. Manage your chronic conditions

The majority of older adults have at least one chronic condition, with many having two or more. Chronic diseases require ongoing management and support to ensure you stay as healthy as possible.

Our team partners with you in geriatric care appointments to ensure your chronic health problems stay managed and as under control as possible. We make sure your treatments are the best ones available for your age and medical needs.

3. Work with your levels of mobility

For many seniors, mobility is an increasing challenge as they age. You’re more at risk for falls and the injuries that result from them, and you might need a cane, walker, or wheelchair to safely get around.

Our team works with your mobility issues to ensure you can safely be as active as possible in your senior years. We help with keeping your body as active and strong as possible.

If your mobility needs make it difficult to go into the office for appointments, our team can offer home visits and telehealth medicine. During home visits, our team visits you in your own home and provides care to you without even needing to leave the house.

Telehealth visits take place virtually, with our team using cameras and smartphones to look at and address many medical concerns.

4. Get help with complex care needs

Between chronic conditions, mobility needs, and the various other needs that can come up for seniors, there’s a good chance your medical care has gotten more complex. You might need to take many medications at different times of day, have other treatment regimes with different providers, and attend more medical appointments.

Following a complex medical routine can become confusing, so our team is here to support you in managing and following your health routine. We work with you to make your regime as simple as possible and ensure you’re able to follow it. We also coordinate care with any other doctors you see.

5. Receive advice, support, and respite for those who care for you

If you have family and friends assisting in your care, it might mean you need additional support. Our team works with anyone helping to care for you and ensures they understand your needs.

Our team also gives your loved ones a break by helping you manage your medical care at appointments. We can refer your loved ones to resources and support to ensure you’re receiving the best possible care.

At Nguyen Medical Group, our team is dedicated to addressing the care of seniors. To get started working with a geriatric support specialist, contact us for an appointment. 

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