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The Benefits of Preventive Health Care

Do you want to stay as healthy and active as possible and avoid illnesses whenever you can? If so, you’re a perfect candidate for preventive health care.

Here at Nguyen Medical Group in Boynton Beach, Florida, Thomas Nguyen, MD, MS and our team use preventive health care as our first line of support to keep your health in top shape. Find out more about preventive health care and all the benefits you can get from this type of treatment.

Understanding preventive health care

Preventive health care is regular health care you receive before, rather than as a result of, getting sick. By receiving preventive treatment, Dr. Nguyen and our team can give you peace of mind if you’re healthy and catch the warning signs of potentially disabling, dangerous, or inconveniencing conditions early or even before they happen.

For example, we might diagnose you as being pre-diabetic and prevent you from developing diabetes. If you’ve already developed diabetes or another chronic disease, we can catch it in the early stages and help prevent you from developing a more serious form with debilitating side effects.

Is preventive health care right for me?

Everyone can get some benefit from preventive health care. It’s never too late to start taking initiative with your health, and preventive health care is something you can begin at any age and whether or not you have any diagnosed medical conditions.

No matter how your health is right now, our team helps you improve your quality of life and longevity. We also ensure you develop healthy lifestyle habits that keep you as active and pain-free as possible well into your golden years.

What’s involved in preventive health care?

Preventive health care isn’t just one service. Instead, we combine several examinations and screenings, which are based on your age, current level of health, and individual needs.

Preventive health care screenings include:

Annual physical

Our team recommends you get a preventive annual physical every year, even if you feel healthy. At your physical, our team examines you, takes important vital measurements, reviews your full medical history, and ensures any questions you have about your health are answered.

Along with helping us catch any health issues before they develop, annual physicals are an excellent time to develop a relationship with our team. It’s also the perfect time to get assistance in making lifestyle changes that support your well-being.

Health screenings

Getting health screenings allows us to catch health conditions or potential problems early and treat them before they become serious. Health screenings vary based on your age and medical history.

Examples of health screenings you might get include checking your blood pressure, cholesterol, a rectal exam or pap smear, and colonoscopies.

Laboratory testing

Laboratory testing is another important form of screening that catches some health conditions early and also gives your providers a broader general picture of your overall health. We might test your blood or urine to get various information about your health status.


Vaccines prevent you from catching various infections that can be potentially serious or life-threatening. We recommend nearly everyone get the flu shot annually as well as other immunizations based on your age and vaccination history.

Now is the perfect time to take control of your health. To get started with preventive health care, contact us online or at 561-203-6295.

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