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What Happens If I Miss My Annual Physical?

What Happens If I Miss My Annual Physical?

There’s nothing better than having the peace of mind that you’re in good health and the tools to help you continue that way. One of the easiest ways to maintain your optimum health is by attending your annual physical.

On the other hand, according to Thomas Nguyen, MD, from Nguyen Medical Group in Boynton Beach, Florida, missing your annual physical can come with risks. Understand what happens if you miss your annual physical and what to do.

The consequences of missing an annual physical

Getting an annual physical is important for many reasons. Annual physicals offer vital information on your current health and help you and our team plan for your future.

Missing annual physicals have several potential consequences for your health. These include:

Less updating of family and personal history

Understanding your health history is an important part of the annual exam. This helps us get to know any health problems you have and health issues that run in your family.

If you or a close loved one has been diagnosed or developed symptoms, please let us know as soon as possible. New symptoms or a close family member’s diagnosis might mean we recommend interventions like earlier screenings, lab testing, or health counseling.

We can also support you if you tell us about a significant life change, such as becoming a caregiver for a loved one, in maintaining your physical and mental health in your new role.

Reduced monitoring of your general health

Our team records information about your overall health at every annual visit. These include taking blood pressure readings, lungs, heart rate, flexibility, strength, and mobility.

Depending on your situation and the type of physical you get, it can also involve lab testing, blood tests, and early screenings. Based on your exam results, our team recommends maintaining your health and preventing further problems.

This testing gives us an overall baseline of your health and how you appear when healthy. Missing this baseline makes it harder to determine when there’s a change in your health that needs to be addressed.

Higher risk of a missed health diagnosis

The information our team gathers during your physical helps us catch potential problems early. This leads to sometimes avoiding developing issues altogether, or faster treatment, which makes many health conditions more treatable or manageable.

Missing your annual physical might mean missing vital information that leads to an earlier diagnosis or prevention. Your later treatment might be more complex, and the condition might more impact your life.

Missed opportunities to develop a relationship

Our team appreciates the opportunity to get to know you and your needs during annual physicals. The annual physical is also a time for you to get comfortable working with us.

Not attending your annual physical reduces the opportunities for you to develop a rapport with our team.

What to do if you’ve missed your annual physical

If you’re behind on getting your annual physical, it’s not too late to schedule one. Whether you’re a few months or a few years overdue, our team is here to help you get caught up in monitoring your health and schedule you as quickly as possible.

We offer different kinds of annual physicals, from a basic but comprehensive annual physical covered by insurance to an enhanced physical that looks at your health more in depth. To choose the right physical and make an appointment, contact our team.


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