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When Should I Consider Telehealth for My Medical Needs?

It used to be that every health concern required an in-person visit to the doctor. With incredible technological advances, it’s possible to attend many medical appointments virtually through telehealth.

Most of the time, all you need for a telehealth appointment from your comfortable home is a device connecting to an internet signal. Thomas Nguyen, MD, a proud provider of telehealth medical services at Nguyen Medical Group in Boynton Beach, Florida, explains when to consider using telehealth services for your medical needs.

Understanding telehealth

Telehealth services are very similar to other types of medical appointments. The only difference is that you attend the appointment virtually rather than in a medical office.

Most telehealth appointments with our team take place using your smartphone or a similar device with online video capability. Instead of examining you in person, our team conducts a remote examination by asking you to place the video camera over areas like your mouth or abdomen.

Telehealth visits typically last around 30-60 minutes. Our team can prescribe medication or other follow-up treatment or testing based on the appointment like an in-person visit.

When to use telehealth services

There are some occasions where using telehealth medicine is especially worthwhile. In these situations, our team might recommend a telehealth appointment.

You’re contagious or immunocompromised

If you’ve been diagnosed with or suspect you might have a communicable disease, our team makes every effort to see you in a telehealth capacity. Doing a telehealth visit from your own house limits the number of people you have contact with and the ability to transmit the disease.

Additionally, our team aims to see you virtually if you have any health conditions or other reasons you or a close loved one has a reduced immune system. This is to protect you and your loved ones from being potentially exposed to illness.

You have limited mobility

There can be many different reasons you have trouble getting around. Injuries, having an illness, and the aging process can all make it more difficult to get around.

If you have trouble attending in-person appointments because of your mobility, our team offers you the convenience and comfort of attending as many of your appointments over telehealth as possible.

You have trouble getting to the office

When there are other reasons you have trouble coming to our office, such as living a long way from the office, lacking in reliable transportation, limited time to attend appointments, or needing to arrange care such as a babysitter to attend an in-person appointment, telehealth is more convenient and cheaper. Our team makes every effort to schedule appointments on a telehealth basis when coming into our office is difficult.

You need a routine or follow-up visit

Many types of medical visits can just as easily be done through telehealth and be more convenient for you. We can arrange a variety of medical visits over telehealth, especially routine visits like:

It’s also possible to diagnose and treat many illnesses over telehealth. Our team can let you know if a telehealth visit is possible for your medical needs.

To experience healthcare in the comfort of your home

There's no place like home when it comes to feeling comfortable and safe. Telehealth visits allow you to receive the same quality medical care in a familiar and inviting environment.

Telehealth makes it possible to receive the same high-quality healthcare without ever leaving the house. Contact us to schedule your next telehealth visit. 

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