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Why You Shouldn't Skip Your Annual Physical

Why You Shouldn't Skip Your Annual Physical

When it comes to confidence in your good health, there’s nothing better than peace of mind. One of the best ways to know you’re healthy, and doing all the right things to stay that way, is by attending your annual physical exam.

Whether you’re healthy, unwell, young, or a little bit older, Thomas Nguyen, MD, and our team at Nguyen Medical Group in Boynton Beach, Florida, recommend you have an annual physical to check in on your health. Here’s why prioritizing your annual physical every year is so crucial.

Understanding an annual physical

An annual physical is a wellness check you attend every year at Nguyen Medical Group, whether or not you have any health concerns. This exam is preventive, meaning it addresses any potential health concerns you have or issues that might develop in advance.

Your annual physical is a time to catch any potential problems early and ensure your vitals and overall health are on track. It’s also a time for you to have an in-depth discussion with our team and build a relationship.

What happens at an annual physical?

Our annual physicals are tailored to your health needs and concerns based on your age, health history, gender, and any other important personal factors. No matter what, an annual physical is always the time to review your medical history with our team and let us know if you’ve had any changes, questions, or concerns about your health.

At any annual physical, your clinician performs a head to toe examination to get an idea of your overall health. Sometimes, our team also performs or orders routine tests or lab work. 

If there are any concerns about your health, we might recommend additional tests or a referral to a specialist. We sometimes also make lifestyle recommendations related to your diet, exercise routine, and stress reduction.

Why should I attend my annual physical?

There are a number of reasons you should always get a physical annually, even if you’re healthy now. These include:

Preparing for the future

You might be in perfect health now, but that’s not a guarantee you’ll always remain that way. Health problems can crop up unexpectedly, especially as you get older.

Annual physicals give you an idea not only of where you are now with your health, but what issues might occur at a later date. If you do develop a health issue, you and our team will be more prepared to address it.

Ask your questions

Your health is important, and staying healthy requires you to stay on top of your health. If you’re not sure how to do this or have ongoing questions related to your health and wellness, the annual physical is the perfect time to ask.

Address health issues early

The routine examination and tests at an annual physical can catch health issues or risks very early on, or even before they’re developed. It’s generally much simpler to treat conditions in the early stages or prevent them from happening altogether.

Develop the doctor-patient relationship

The annual physical makes it easy to become comfortable with and develop a relationship with our team while you’re healthy. Part of establishing and continuing that relationship involves our team learning about any factors in your life that might be impacting your health.

At Nguyen Medical Group, we offer two annual physicals, a standard physical covered by insurance and an enhanced physical with additional tests and lab screenings. To schedule your annual physical and find out which type of physical is best for you, contact our team to discuss your options. 

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